The Wandering Scholars (up to now)

The Wandering Scholars is a fluctuating collective based in Hong Kong that seeks to reinvigorate academic and theoretical discourse by taking a more casual approach to the dissemination of knowledge that necessarily involves the general public, the audience, or whatever you choose to call that mind/body that desires to move beyond the consumption of THINGS and onto the consumption and practical application of IDEAS. This is an experimental process that is not geared towards a generalised notion of “success”, but in fact desires your ( all parties and individuals) input in an attempt to move beyond the strictures of amateur and professional, and/or autodidacticism and the university degree. 

Initially begun through the agencies of Katrien Jacobs and a conference at the Chinese University of Hong Kong held in May of 2014 , The Wandering Scholars then moved into a interventionist and psycho-geograhic phase by organising two events that are also documented here. Please take a look!





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